Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blog break until 2015

Hello my dear readers,
Some of you may have noticed that the activity on this blog has been very low for the past couple of weeks. I'm going through a big change of chapter right now. Changing chapters doesn't necessary mean a bad thing. It just means I have concentrate more on that to achieve my goal. 
I've tried to pick up my crochet hook and create something new but nothing flows out of it. I hope it comes back when everything is settled down. And when it does, I hope to have you here with me. Until then I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for the support and loving comments! Take care! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stringing pearls

Do you have stringed pearl necklaces and bracelets? Did you know you have to re-string them after a year or two? Otherwise the thread might break because of wearing them each day. You can let a professional string it for you but they cost a lot! But Have no fear! You can string it yourself too!
I've learned the technique from my brother-in-law the goldsmith. Have no fear! With the wonderful world of internet you can do this easily at home! Tutorials like this are really easy! So why don't you just give it a try?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Tatting - Joined picots

Hello there! I know, it's been quiet lately here. It's because I'm going through changes in personal life. Changes doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. It just means less creative time. My apologies for that. If you're interested in the ins and outs of it just click here to go to my personal blog. It's Dutch only but I've added an translation button if that can be of any help.
Click here to learn how to join picots
My daytime is filled with tasks like answering the telephone, contacting people to see if they can answer my questions, going to the bank etc... The I-pad and the phone basically doesn't leave my sight! In the evening the only thing I enjoy doing is tatting. It's a small shuttle to handle, you get results immediately and it doesn't take over your desk because it's so small. As you may have been noticing I'll be blogging about tatting just for now. When it's less busy I'll be blogging about crochet and etc... Deal? 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Princess Celestia

This little unicorn was made a while ago for a my friend her daughter, but I didn't had the time to put it online. So here it is! The little princes Nikkei named this unicorn Celestia! What a special name for a little unicorn! 
I just wished that I had bigger black beads for the eyes so it would give a much more cuter effect. Don't you agree?
Go to Little Yarn Friends for the lovely pattern!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tatting - rings

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the late post. It was a busy week but it was a good week. Busy weeks also means less time to crochet. I did had some time for tatting.
This is going better than I thought it would be. So what do you think of the result?

Monday, 30 September 2013


I finally did manage to crochet some Kirbies for my sis's kids. Ehm they like more like Kirby's great great uncles and aunts! But the kids loved it and that's all that matters right?
The Kirby of Emjay Bailey looks way better than mine! You must go to her site for the tutorial! Have a nice day!

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Yes tatting! A new handcraft I want to try out. What is it? It's quite similar to the knotting technique that is used on making friendship bracelet like this one. But instead of using your fingers to tie the knots you use "a tatting shuttle" or "a tatting needle" to cast on the knots.
Yup that's right! There are two kinds of tatting techniques. But don't you worry! Sharon has explained it in detail. So hop on to her blog for the explanation!
I chose for the shuttle because needles never have been my best friends. They would fly around after a while and just won't listen to my commands ha!
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